Do I Park It or Take It with Me?

Do I park it or take it with me?

This is really the age-old question, “Do I buy a Desktop Computer or a Laptop?”

I like Power!!

If you have the desire for a Mustang, but have the budget for a Yugo, then a desktop might be the right choice.  For the same cost, you can get a desktop machine with a faster graphics card, more storage and a faster CPU. 

I like the road!

If you often wish to Walkabout, or take the Great U.S Road Trip, then lugging around a desktop is probably a little much.  Laptops are exactly that.  They (mostly) fit on your lap.  Ultra convenient, small, light and can even be in your carry-on if you need to fly.  You will sacrifice some power, and future expandability, but they won’t let you check in a 25 lbs tower without at least buying another airline seat.

Portability is the number one reason Laptops are sold more often than Desktops.

I like Reliability!

If you really want something that lasts and lasts then a desktop beats a laptop.  There are fewer moving parts in a desktop.  A desktop does not move.  It is rarely hit, jarred, or dropped.  They have more robust power supplies.  This is not to dismiss laptops outright.  Some manufacturers produce very reliable laptops.  However, desktops still inch out the laptops in this area.

Show me the World!

If you love watching that big 52” flat screen at home, you might feel a little cramped working on a 12” or 15” screen on your laptop.   The newer laptops do have spectacular resolution on those tiny screens.  However, you will pay more.  Desktops usually come with 21”, 23”, 24” inch screens already; and that can be upgraded to the truly magnificent UltraHD 4K screens.

My Electricity Bill is Too High Already!

Here is where Laptops really beat Desktops.  Laptops can use as little as 1/8th the power of the equivalent Desktop.   Laptops are also turned off more often than Desktops; some which run 24/7 for weeks at end.  Plus, if you wish to save power you can always take your laptop to your friend’s house and use their power!

There are several questions to ask before purchasing a Desktop or Laptop; and only you can really make that choice.